Buy and sell minerals

Buy and sell minerals

Buy and sell minerals

Buy and sell minerals

:Adak Holding is the largest sales center for all types of minerals such as

Iron ore (hematite and magnetite)
Copper stone
Manganese ore
Chromite stone
Marble, travertine, marble, granite building stone
.It is silica and so on

.This company is one of the largest companies producing mineral ores in Iran

.Large Chinese, Indian, European, African, Asian and American companies buy from Adak Holding

.Large mining companies operate under Adak

.The company produces higher quality products and exports them to large countries

.Adak iron ore has a high percentage for a variety of large factories

.Adak produces high percentages of magnetite and hematite iron ores and sends them to large countries for export

.The Chinese have long been good and serious customers of Adak iron ores

Copper stone
.This stone is one of the most valuable minerals

.Copper ore is very important for large countries, so that a significant amount of this stone is purchased annually and imported into their country

There are large copper ores in Iran
.So that several thousand tons are extracted annually

.These stones are separated after crushing by special crushers in special machines and are ready for export

Buy and sell minerals

Other products of Adak Holding include building stones
:like the






Contact us to buy all kinds of first-class minerals

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